The Foundation who commissioned this production, Stichting Groene Hart, wanted a familiar story adapted in the environment and in the history of the Groene Hart region , in the south of The Netherlands.

The famous piece “Midsummer’s night dream” by W. Shakespeare has a very strong theme in the connection between nature and history.

What if Shakespeare came to Groene Hart region, and got inspired to write Midsummer Night`s dream? What if he was commissioned by Dutch famous historic characters to write it? How would this famous play look like?

So we created a Shakespeare reloaded version of the classic play, custom-made to the local characters, features, history, traditions.

A “classic” revisited, in the style of the GROENE HART region.

The show is a multidisciplinary production with opera singers, pop singers, video projections.

Concept, script and direction by Carla Regina

Production Voice, Actually



The Water Prince

The Water Prince

The music theatre production has been realized on commission of Stichting Groene Hart.

The inspiration for the project comes from their theme of the year : Waterlinie, the waterline.

The Hollandic Water Line proved its value less than forty years after its construction during the Franco-Dutch War (or Third Anglo-Dutch War) (1672), when it stopped the armies of Louis XIV from conquering the Dutch Republic, although the freezing over of the line came close to rendering it useless…..The French almost managed to break through in winter when the Waterline froze, but thaw prevented a further breakthrough

From this inspiring subject, we want to tell the story of an imaginary character, forced by fate (or maybe unconsciously by his own restless soul) to initiate a journey sailing the waters of the Waterlinie in the Rampjaar 1672.

We will follow him sailing those safe waters, and then when winter comes, walking on the frozen path, dangerous and life saving at the same time.

A journey which will take him to touch some of the places/towns/cities along the Waterlinie and meet there a extraordinary array of characters residents of the places: the funny Italian barber, a passionate french soldier who arrived there much before the war broke off, a beautiful woman, the love of his life, a dronken cheese trader, gypsies and jogglers, his unknown family.

We will watch him, while the show unfolds, making his way along the Waterlinie up to Muiden and the open see.

It will be there, that his journey will end with a surprise, that will affect him and will leave a legacy for years to come.

This imaginary journey is an ode to the human spirit and its conquest, its perseverance and its capacity to endure hardship for a greater good.

Vibrant, emotional, funny and sentimental at the same time….in perfect melodrama style.