My name is Italia (Mi chiamo Italia)

My name is Italia (Mi chiamo Italia)

A music theatre show about Italy, for Italians by birth, and Italians by choice.

Italy tells her own story, in words and music.


Carla Regina  Voice, script, performance 

Jennifer Lewis live sketching

Antonio Alemanno  Arrangements, cello, double bass

Emiliano Roca:  Arrangements , guitar

Michela Mazzeo Timmer/Voice, Actually Costumes

Michela Mazzeo Timmer  Stage props

Carla Regina  Concept, Direction

Production Voice, Actually!  FOUNDATION

The show

Carla Regina in a new music theatre concept with Italy as main inspiration and theme.

The story of this country, told by Italy itself in music and words. and live sketching.
On stage, the singer/performer , the live sketching illustrator  Jennifer Lewis, and two musicians: Antonio Allemanno, cello and double-bass and Emiliano Roca, guitar.

“Mi chiamo Italia“ (My name is Italy) is the story of Italy, told by Italy itself.

Looking back at its rich and glorious past, Italy takes us through it, victories,  failures, people, places.

A tale full of iconic milestones of Italy’s history, a tale which sounds familiar to Italians and lovers of Italy and Italian culture.

The story, as usually happens in Carla’s projects, is enriched  by a versatile repertoire full of classics of Italian music : Giuseppe Verdi, Fabrizio  De Andre’, Antonio Vivaldi, Renato Zero.

The total picture on stage is enhanced by the live sketching by Jennifer Lewis. Her illustrations describe  the emotions and the situations of the music and the story.


A musictheatre show about Italy, for Italians by birth, and Italians by choice.