“I knew that the time would come …the title says it all. Naked. Can I make it? “

A singer, a piano, and some rice paper lamps.

The show starts with an opera hit, and it looks like an opera concert with a regular opera singer. Carla Regina

Slowly but surely, Carla diva disappears and Carla woman takes center stage, a woman that sings and is crazy about telling stories.

With the help of rice paper lamps, images , sounds and memories, she tells those stories.

Stories of a woman between two nations, two different cultures, the old traditions of Puglia, Italy and her life in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

A woman between today and yesterday, memories en hopes.

Stories of identity, loneliness, longing and belonging, a human journey called migration.

Stories of an artist that can not be easily labelled : singer , pianist and storyteller.

Italian folkmusic, dutch songs, opera arias, and videoart in a universal story of connecting, disconnecting, strength and vulnerability.

“And if I am different, it doesn’t matter, really. I have myself, different, special, naked”.