NEWS: Recording project by Carla Regina is coming soon. Stay Tuned!

“What defines me as an artist is an intimate connection between me and the audience, a need to stir emotions with my voice, telling stories through music.”


After the success of our “Mi chiamo Italia”theatershow dedicated to Italy in 2023, we are now in the process of realizing an entirely new project: a journey into the beautiful Italian vocal tradition, from baroque and popular music to the classics of
the 20th century and meant for everyone who is passionate about Italian music.
Throughout the project it makes use of 12 musical numbers performed by voice, and instruments: piano, clarinet, violin, guitar and mandolin.
It is a complete immersion, whose focus is to offer a full spectrum of Italian music to those who love Italian culture and language.
The recording project has as its target:

  • Italians – Italophiles, lovers of the Italian language and culture.
  • The Italian community will recognize itself in the different songs that touch on different styles, tastes, age groups, in a sort of musical Encyclopedia of the memory of our country.
  • The foreign community of enthusiasts from Italy (large and very active in the Netherlands) will be able to enjoy this repertoire with an attached booklet of the texts of the proposed pieces translated into Dutch.

This project has already obtained the enthusiastic support of the Italian Embassy in the Netherlands and the Institute of Italian Culture.

Most of the project has been planned and we also already have the dates set for the registration of the album which is expected to be delivered at the end of May, in time for its presentation during the diplomatic corps event at the Italian Embassy on June 2.

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